Working on daily basis in supporting the development of the activities of public institutions, our team has gained extensive insight in the specifics of the legislative and the policy making process, enabling us to identify areas for improvement in order to align with European standards and best practices.

We have extensive experience in working with the Parliament of Macedonia in creating and upgrading the Parliamentary constituency relations network and the establishment of the Parliamentary research institute, as well as the Ministry of Economy in designing a policy for fostering corporate social responsibility. We cooperated with the European Commission and Macedonian institutions in analysing and revising the legal framework for donations and sponsorships in public benefit activities, and partner with various civil society organizations to promote legal initiatives aimed at improving the overall legislative framework and public policies.

We have been working on upgrading Parliament’s research and analysis resources, to provide reliable input to the law-making process. Our network and day-to-day activities with Members of Parliament, Parliamentary Committees and the Parliamentary Administration has given us direct access to authoritatively analyse and put forward modalities for improving the transparency and the efficiency of the legislative process.